About Us

In 1995, Dr. Gas came onto the NASCAR scene winning the Daytona 500 with Sterling Marlin's #4 Kodak car. We are noted with changing "the sound of NASCAR" with the 180 degree header type sound that Indy cars are famous for
Dr. Gas crossovers and boomtubes were used on NASCAR, Busch, IROC, ARCA, Craftsman Super Truck, and sponsor of American Race Truck Series (A.R.T.S.).Our parent company, Pro-Motorsports Engineering, Inc. started Dr. Gas in 1992, when we saw a need/void in ultra performance exhaust systems. Thus, Boyd Butler, owner, refined and perfected the 'X' style synchronizing crossover systems.
Our synchronizing crossover kits are the latest generation, high-tech crossover system for V6 and V8 engines. It obsoletes all other crossover designs. Typical h.p. / torque gains are between 5-30, depending on application.